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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Upcoming Game Review: Vindictus EU

Vindictus boasts an explosive hack and slash style gameplay with something other games can't offer; realistic combat. The gameplay is not like the usual MMORPG click and attack style game but has a player controlled avatar who does exactly what he's supposed to: Hits where you want him to hit and moves where you want him to move and not like a 3D sprite. Here, dodging and defense is up to the player, who can use the environment to his advantage: using debris as a weapon for one. The player also gets to choose his equipment by crafting from looted materials to create a customized piece of armor or arms. Finally, each character has his/her own skills which will play a major role in multiplayer (such as Evie's gravity spell). The game is F2P and although only available in North America and Korea (or to anywhere else via proxy servers) it is now going to be released in Europe very soon.
If the gameplay is as good as described, then it is definately going in my indefinately installed games.
For more info see: http://vindictus.nexoneu.com/teaser/


  1. dude this look freaking sweet! I love third person views and this looks nice. You are now my official blog for games and such. thanks man keep it up!

  2. this game looks awesome cant wait to play it,