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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

(Daily) Random: Future of implants

Fast forward to 2100, what do you think will be there? Sleek high-tech cities with amazing architecture and enhanced humans? A toxic landfill the size of a planet? Or just the same-old society? With technology advancing in large steps (think before the advent of the iPhone and now) new technology that may not have been imagined by the general public was more of a sci-fi dream or an idea shared by a group of scientists and now is considered more of a possibility, so long as adequate funding exists.

But imagine short-term improvements. What could occur in 20 or 30 years that would radically change the world? New energy sources are one thing, high-tech solutions to several problems are another (such as improvements in transportation infrastructure). But imagine if the change isn't so much of an improvement to man-made constructs such as buildings or stand-alone gadgetry such as the iPhone or 3D glasses. What if humans' aspects were improved?

By humans' aspects I am referring to intelligence, strength, health, well-being in general. And what if those aspects were improved by implanting something into our bodies to generally improve it's function?

It's true that if we wait for biological evolution, we won't be advancing much, very soon. But what if we could implant a brain enhancing system which would improve our intelligence? Though far from being reality and casual use, I have made a short list of some impressive future implants to maybe make you think of how the world could be a decade from now:

1. My brain, the machine god:
In the future implants game, Intel has started (for some time now) researching brain-computer interfaces in an attempt to mass produce an implant. These would read brain waves and produce the desired effect such as move a cursor or use the internet. This sort of technology could one day completely replace conventional interfaces.
2. 90% human, 10% science:
Attempts to improve and enhance ourselves could see eye implants becoming a reality. Of course, intraocular implants have existed for a while now, but these new implants would in fact be part of a system where a camera fitted into a pair of glasses will then send a signal to an eyeball mounted microchip which in turn sends this to the brain. Also, while IOLs can be used when vision is simply impaired, these glasses may completely restore vision to blind people.
3. Want an enhancement? Change your DNA:
Gene therapy, although not an entirely a gadget since it is based on DNA changes to produce results, may well be controlled by nano-sized robots implanted to deliver the therapy. This could in fact be a solution to cancer but is yet to produce results which would point to that.
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  1. Where do i sign up to become a cyborg? lol im not sure if these are necessarily good ideas but they are interesting to see how they will turn out.

  2. Really good stuff, interesting! Keep up the good work mate!

  3. Gene therapy?! I would LOVE to not get cancer, thanks! Technology can be scary/yet amazing at the same time. I just cant wait to see 10 years from now :) very interesting read.