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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Upcoming Game Review: Diablo III

Archangel Tyrael
Now, I've been a fan of the Diablo franchise only since D2 onwards and so, while not as veteran with the storyline as other fans, I am very familiar with the gameplay and game mechanics. Eventually, after a relatively long wait, D3 is a reality and is (nearly) completed. The release date is not yet announced but many of the game's features have already been announced;
  • Aside from the classic barbarian and sorceress, new classes have been created (Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Monk) all of which support both genders.
  • Old areas have been revamped (think Tristram) and new ones are now available, including Caldeum, the great trade city. 
  •  New features such as a destructible environment, character equipment customization, randomized encounters and an all new and revised crafting system are introduced.
But what is the greatest thing about this game? D2 did have great gameplay, even with a full party, but the customizability was limited and after a certain level, skills levelling wasn't as important as obtaining some specific and extremely rare items, runes and general equipment. This made it really hard for anybody to trully make a character they call their own without having to follow a tried and tested character model. D3 boasts the fact that with the new rune system affecting skills rather than equipment, and the customizability of the equipment itself, there will be more freedom in choosing a build.

However, this could be disputed after release, since attributes are no longer player controlled and so, for example, two level 10 barbarians will have the exact same stats, meaning that runes and equipment play a bigger role in enhancing stats, while skills focus on how those stats are used. This implies that the choice of equipment may have to reflect the choice of skills and this would only be countered if a large choice of equally powerful equipment is available, rather than one or two items.

 In an attempt to not overthink things and just enjoy what footage is available, I present one of my favourite D3 trailers, The Demon Hunter:
For more info refer to the official site: http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/index.xml

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